• When I use the eye icon to add the show mapper input to a projector and place the projector inside a user actor no changes are recorded to other user actors, no matter what changes I make the system does not ask me to save and update all or to make a new instance. If I go inside that user actor and make the changes by double clicking on the contained projector the changes can be propagated through the duplicated user actors.

    This is a pretty big barrier to working with mapper, propagating changes from a calibration grid for a project to the playback scenes, especially if you want to make an interface for gallery staff to fix mapping from time to time.
    Bug report filed

  • I'm not able to check it at the moment, but I remember there was a update user actor or something like it. You could place it in the user actor and let it always be activated with the show mapper input. So you should always get the update all user actors dialogue if closing the actor.

  • Izzy Guru


    I do understand your point, but this is normally useful, every thing you trigger form outside does not force any update. @DillTheKraut said there is some sort of update user actor actor, unfortunately I don't know of that. But that would definitely solve the problem if there would be an actor like that.
    Best Michel

  • @Michel, I get the data hierarchy of a user actor but triggering the mapper is a different case. This opens up access to parameters that are not accessible from outside the actor. Lets start with the assumption that mapping that is changed inside a user actor should propagate to all instances of that user actor- this is a pretty solid assumption as otherwise mapping is to be done per scene (as these actual parameters are not accessible anywhere else then I am not changing them from outside the user actor- I would love it if I could publish all the parameters of the mapper but I cannot).

    So all the trigger is doing is showing and hiding the mapper window and by your logic this behaviour is correct, when the mapper is shown via an external trigger from one instance of a user actor it is not shown on other instances of the user actor. The external trigger is just a way to open the mapper tool, not to change any parameters.
    I am pretty sure this behaviour is wrong, it would be great if Mark could chime in, it defies the logic of Isadora and the usability of the mapper, IF you could publish all the mapper parameters this makes sense. 
    Also the physical workflow of having to go inside a user actor to launch the mapper is very strange and the launch mapper trigger seems specifically designed to get around this.
  • Izzy Guru


    Ok I get you, it sure is different because I open up something inside the user actor. @Mark what do you think?
    Best Michel

  • @Michel

    Sorry, I wasn't clear about the update actor. As I sad, I can't check it now, because of lack of a computer, but I remember the introduction of an actor that marks the user actor it is placed in, as 'changed' or 'updated', forcing it to prompt the dialogue for save or update all instances of this user actors, the moment you close it. This worked like forcing the 'save dialogue box' even if nothing was changed in the user actor.