• This is a very simple, but IMHO very important feature missing- please add the option for showing guidelines of the blend boundaries in the screen setup. It would be very useful to click show boundaries and have a white line on the end of the frame and one on the absolute start of the blend for each screen. This way we can see easily when the blend width matches the overlap. This is especially important when using projectors on arbitrary angles, otherwise we are just guessing and the whole process takes too long.

  • I would like this feature too. But I would even suggest to use a green and red line. If they are perfectly aligned at projections, they would appear like yellow on the screen. This is how it works on Panasonic projectors internal edge blending.

  • @DillTheKraut Yes, even better.

  • Izzy Guru


    That would be a very useful feature, I guess you submitted it already :-)

  • @Michel yes