• Sometimes (I cannot find the absolute event chain) all my keystoning resets in my stage setup. It always happens when I am entering a blend width for the first time, but it does not happen all the time.

    Bug report filed
  • Izzy Guru


    I know this does not help very much at the moment but for Isadora version 3 there will be a total overhaul of the stage setup window (I know the way it is now it's not very user friendly and has many quirks) but I guess if there is not a really obvious bug Mark will not waste to much time for changes.
    Best Michel

  • @Michel, actually the workflow and functionality is ok for me, just a few tiny UI tweaks. If there were no bugs I would be super happy. As I see 2.5 is not finished yet so I am not holding out for 3 in any hurry. I hope that the bugs in 2.5 get addressed first.

  • Izzy Guru

    You've been giving some really good feedback when using the mapper @Fred.

    Thanks for sharing all these with us.