Difficult exit mode/ close mapper gaurd

  • It would be great to have a hard exit mode for Isaodra when in a show, meaning once you were in a show if you close the patch or try to exit the program it would ask for confirmation. This comes from a specific experience that is not very strange; When mapping it is common to use remote desktop to walk around a building, and it makes sense to maximise the mapper for this work. However the close window on the mapper when the mapper is maximised sits exactly above the close windows for Isadora. Over remote desktop it is too easy to hit the same place twice and close the patch.

    It could be good to have difficult exit mode (hate to say ti but ALA D3 right click on the menu to reveal the exit) this way you can never accidentally exit a patch, and/or change the mapper layout that it can be safetly closed (even with an extra command) that does not risk closing the patch.
    This could also be useful for a kiosk mode
    Feature request filed
  • Tech Staff

    Yes, I have had issue before when working with multiple apps (using spout)