Horizontal scrolling text in Text Draw?

  • Hey folks,

    I'm trying to achieve an effect where a single line of text scrolls horizontally across the screen. This is pretty easy in Text/ure, just by pasting the required text in and linking an Envelope Generator to the Horz Pos input. But the result is CPU. I'm trying to recreate this using Text Draw so I can get a GPU output, but I don't think its possible - the text always gets formatted to fit the screen, rather than staying as a single line that can overlap the screen. 
    Is there a setting I'm missing that would make it possible?
  • Izzy Guru


    Depending on how long your text is you have to expand the scale min and max value of the bounds width to for example 1000 or 2000, then for scrolling the complete text you also have to expand the scale min. and max. horz position.
    Best Michel

  • Thanks @Michel - Its looking brilliant now. I couldn't work it out on my own....