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    I have to say that I miss posts about Izzy-projects that actually make it to the 'real life' in this forum. So here is one of mine. This production with a dancer, a musician and me, took the text of the fairy tale 'Des Kaisers neue Kleider' as source material, so all sounds where generated out of read and recorded text, and I used (almost) only letters and words. 'Text Draw' is my friend now.
    One (of two - small dance world) reviews:
    and the trailer:

  • great!

  • thanks @dbini but the link to the trailer should have been, but I was unable to edit, @Michael I suppose...

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    Bravo, I really like it. Would also like to see more projects realized with Isadora here on the forum...

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    Very Cool! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks. I have shared this on our Facebook page - hope that's ok? 

  • @Skulpture - sure, ok, but as I am not a Facebook member anymore, you have to tell me if there are any (nice) comments ;-)

  • Saturday is the last day my interactive videoinstallation-project will be public in the Schauspiel Nord-Theater in Stuttgart (sorry the text is yet only in german):

  • @niknaim - that's really nice. I'd love to see it for real, these things are so difficult to document. A few years ago i made a piece with a similar idea - react to the viewer - but very different process and aesthetic. (


  • last night we performed a short dance piece made with 3 groups of teenagers: refugees from 2 colleges and some local students. after only 7 sessions of 75 minutes each with them in a classroom, they performed to a sizeable audience in Valve Culture House, Oulu. Only one girl had been on stage before, the others were in front of an audience for the first time. it was great. visuals powered by Isadora, of course.  caca87-koti-stage-pic.jpg

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    Some images from the installation/performance with Cécile Proust at Musée National des Arts et Métiers. Made with Processing and Isadora

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    And next WE, we play "Ethnoscape", a piece with dance and videos at "Le Local" in Paris Belleville

    You can find info here
    and the trailer here (french and english subtitles)


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