• So I am trying to get the movie player to output sound to more than just 2 channels. When I enact the "snd out" parameter it only gives me an "n/a" and will not let me assign channels. I am using a Mac Pro, OS X El Capitan, interfacing with a Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 via firewire and the Mac's sound output is set to the Studiolive with 16 channels. If I enact the "audio trks" parameter they are all grayed with "n/a" as well.

    If I use the sound player and use aiff files I am able to output to all tracks just fine, however I can't get the built in keyboard go feature to fade out from scene to scene. it just ends the first scene abruptly (fade time is set to 5 seconds) and then fades in the next one. 
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    you have to switch the optimize setting to interaction, AV foundation has a few limitations compared to QT.
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  • Thanks, Michel