'Sound player' in project no longer outputing audio after save and shutdown of PC

  • I've created a project with 40 scenes (see attached). Some of the scenes have 'Sound Player' in them that play from a random selection of 80 sound effects I have imported.

    I had the project working correctly last night and saved it. However, when I open it up today after my PC has been shutdown the Sound Players do not play the sounds anymore. They are mute.  
    I've opened up a previous version of the project I saved yesterday and the Sound Players play out the audio as expected. So it must be the last saved version of my project? 
    The odd thing is if I open up both projects at the same time then the Sound Players in the previous working project suddenly becomes mute also. Is this a bug?
    I'm using wav files on a Windows 10 PC and the latest version of Isadora (2.45b20)


  • I've also just noticed if I remove all the 80 sfx from the media window and re-import them all the Sound Players work correctly. But when I save the project once again, then close Isadora and re-open it -  all the Sound Players are mute like before.

  • Tech Staff


    This is a bug. I recently encountered something similar.
    Please submit a bug report and we can try to narrow down the cause.
    If it helps for this project, you can switch your audio to MP3 files and they should play without issue (uses QuickTime for playback, and doesn't have this bug).