• Hi,
    Is it complicated for you Mark to add an "Export to executable" option in Isadora ?
    It could avoid installing Isadora demo on hosts macs for expos...
    Exported patches would always come with the version of Isadora they've been created for..

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    This would be brilliant I have to admit. I can see it being a huge job though. I think its been mentioned before.

  • That's why I asked if it would be easy to do !

  • dumb question number 376:

    for expos why can't you have a demo version of isadora on a usb stick and drag that to each machine in turn, along with the patch file ?

  • Dear All,

    Yes, it's not so easy to do. But particlep is right: just install the demo, and the .izz file and media, and you've essentially got a "run only" version that will do everything except allow the user to save the patch.
    Best Wishes,

  • I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I asked in case...
    For the moment I'm working with demo versions on my exported patches on other macs.
    By the way, is Firewire video output still locked on demo version ?