What is best solution to link all Projector Actors across all scenes?

  • I'm new to Isadora and want to know what is best practice for video mapping. 

    I'm working on a project that had multiple scenes with 'projector actors' in each one. The project will be projection mapped onsite at a later date.

    What is the best practice for creating 'projector actors' that all reference each other across all the scenes?
    ie. if I create two masks in only ONE of the 'projector actors' (corner pin / map into position) then ALL the 'projector actors' in the other scenes map the same automatically.
    Any help appreciated.

  • Hello,

    Old question, answered a lot of time… But to avoid you a search, there is 2 solutions:
    – make a user actor with your projector correctly mapped, with a user input for the video. Rename it and do "User actor to document toolbox". If you change the setting inside the UA and save it, all the avatars of the UA change accordingly.
    – put the projector in a separate scene, use Broadcaster/Listener to send the video and activate the scene in background.

  • Thanks Jacques, I've managed to use the first option and will stick with that for the time being. The second option is interesting. I was playing about with Broadcaster/Listener earlier but wasn't sure if it was working correctly in the beta version (2.45b20)?