• Hi folks,

    I have problem to deal with and it seems person I work with can not get it resolved.

    Problem no.1.: I have shadows - they flickers and they're stability varies - on I do not know what.  They are swimming through the space.

    Problem no.2.: We need to go from one scene to another scene, where shadow behaves differently. However by entering new scene - we get a grab and we would need  that grab from previous scene will stay (which will make it bit more stable.

    Problem no.3.: That's a general performance issue - Isadora have a tendency to hung up from time to time and dont play videos. I think its bug, just that you know, there are this issues existing.But that's just something to survive as the patch its what it is.

    Wish: to make shadow (which is bright and lighting me - like inverted one), being able to go from standing to floor.

    Since the room is smaller - there is a set up in this way:
    camera at back, middle top pipe - 45° inclination
    shortthrow beamer, front 45° inclnation, they are aligned.
    camera is Sony DV cam with night show and IR filter. I do have CCTV available, but I have weaker signal - it might just be amplified maybe, just  did not have time to resolve this properly.

    Thanks a lot for all the help - show is today at 8pm, so wish me luck!


    92dde5-screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-13.45.42.png ec24ed-screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-13.45.40.png 5615cd-screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-13.44.51.png