Modular MIDI Controller - Palette

  • Has anyone had experience using the Palette modular MIDI controllers with Isadora?
    Thanks in advance for your comments.
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    These are made here in Ontario Canada.

    A user I taught Isadora too sometime back used a few of these for an installation he did in the Kitchener ON gallery.
    He enclosed the knob in laser cut acrylic.. looks great.
    And seemed to work perfectly with Isadora. He never had any issues that I am aware of.

  • thank you

  • Hi there,

    I purchased one of their pro kits and have had a great experience with them so far.  The software can sometimes be a little glitchy - but if I move slow and don't plug and unplug modules too quickly it behaves itself for the most part. It can be important to ensure that you use each of the three power connections from the core module evenly between the modules you plug in. After you get past 5 or so it seems like there isn't quite enough power to drive the next ones down the line. My biggest criticism is that the knobs spin a bit to easily for me. Not even close to a deal breaker though. I love them.

  • Thanks Aolis. My Expert Kit arrived today. I will be trying it soon.

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    I look forward to hearing/seeing the results :)

  • I have the Palette modules communicating with Izzy! Can anyone (Aolis) help me get the Button module communicating with the Izzy Control Watcher Actor or any actor? Also how to connect the "click" function of the Dial module?

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    @vanderzee, you sure have figured it out - button and 'click' send note on/off, so are recognized by note on/off watchers.
    Well, the christmas gift to myself arrived yesterday and it was fun to unpack (nice package), installing the software without problems and to see my configuration, done by the cool magnetic connections, instantly appearing on the screen was impressive. As well I did not encounter the power-problem Alois mentioned, so everything worked like a charm. But what worked? You guess it, here is the end of the positive part.
    These sliders, dials, knobs in their fancy housings are of very poor quality. If you look into the gap of the slider, there is no dust-cover, you see right through to the resistive element, so heaven knows how long they will work before crying for contact spray. The axis of the dials are not even perpendicular and so wobbly that you ask yourself if it is alright to claim the 'click' job of these poor guys. For dramaturgy reasons I have to quote a tweet of a 'customer', shown on the palettegear-website: This is the kind of quality & simplicity that Apple would put out. No. Whatever you think about Apple. No. To the knobs: their tactile impression and sound immediately reminded me on the very first push that I had spent 299.99USD for the 'expert-kit', 29USD for shipping and 69€ of german VAT on top - so why does it feel and sound like 2.99USD?
    To summarize: it works, looks great at first sight and might make sense for the intended use with the Adobe (rent me till your bankrupt) software, but if you are looking for midi-controllers, buy anything else for a fraction of the price.
    Yours sincerely
    the expert

  • @Vanderzee - if I remember correctly I had to use different MIDI listeners to read the sliders vs the buttons. . . .i don't have them with me at the moment but I had to use a note on watcher for one and a control watcher for the other. Does that help?

  • @Aolis: I am using the Control Watcher for the sliders and knobs. I will try the Note on Watcher for the button function. Thank you.