Windows 10 Tray Icon woes (why won't it just go away!?)

  • So I've tried every workaround I can imagine and this seems like a "duh" problem to have but hoping someone can tell me why Izzy is acting this way in windows 10.
    Using new Intel Compute Stick and have my patch working beautifully for scheduled video content based on time of day.
    Client has requested that the compute stick be completely plug & play aka: it plugs in and fires up. Got that part all sorted out.
    Isadora loads on login - check
    Isadora enters first scene - check
    Isadora goes to correct scene "playlist" based on time of day - check
    Isadora goes to "show stages" and the windows icon tray won't disappear because the icon is blinking and then turns solid in the tray. -  NO check.
    I have disabled tips in Isadora, and all other launch icons for Onedrive, teamviewer, etc...
    And it completely goes away when I alt+tab into the izzy window or the stage.
    I've tried using show stages as an actor
    I've tried using the preferences in Izzy to put a delay in (wait X seconds before showing stages)
    I've tried using trigger delays to show stages -> hide stages -> then show stages again
    No prompts are showing (like a dialog box for me to select) when I try and alt+tab back into izzy and I am completely and utterly stumped.
    Why won't the tray icon just GO AWAY!?
    If I manually select "Show Stages" and I get the dialog box with the warning message, then it works beautifully, except I have to click a button in a dialogue box to verify that it will make the start menu disappear (golden! Now if only that stupid OK button didn't need to be pressed!)
    (and I felt so good about getting everything else to work too...) this is my last hangup before I can finish the project. Any help is supremely appreciated as I'm at my absolute end of the rope for things to try and I REALLY don't want to try and figure out how to batch file fix this.
    Also, the mouse icon won't go away unless it is given input to move from the trackpad... another issue even with "hide mouse cursor when fullscreen" is checked.
  • Izzy Guru

    Am i right in thinking the stage (output 1) is going on top of the Isadora patch? So the patch opens, does it thing and then the stage shows on top?

    I had a similar issue on Mac - I used an apple script to change the focus, but I am not sure what is similar when using windows.... I will have a think. 
  • Tech Staff

    I just delivered a project that had basically the same requirements.

    It worked for me..
    Have you tied, 'Show-Hide Stages' ? I used it in one part, perhaps that was a factor.
    Otherwise, it sounds like Isadora is not in focus.. 
    so something else must be loading after and taking focus.. check all startup items.
    If you can't find the cause.. a batch file in the startup dir will be a rather simple fix i think.