Motion Control Particles (e-motion software)

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    One man work, successful artist... Thank God Mark's view is better !

  • What a thoroughly charmless way to draw a project to an end.

    +1 Armando.
    I wonder if Mark has something similar up his sleeve for a future Izzy?

  • See my post towards end of this thread: [Basic Physics Engine - Stage Edge Collision, with rebound / Gravity and Friction](
    There's a Processing patch in there for use with Kinect that replicates _some_ of the eMotion functionality. The rest could be added at some point.

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    Such a shame - if that was me id make it open source and let people keep the dream alive!

  • Hey wanted to know if anyone can tell me about 3d points on eMotion. What does it do?

  • i found the experimental / fx options rather a mystery. the videos i've made have been all connected to aspects of the application that i could logically deduce what they did. i'm sorry to report that i couldn;t make anything happen with the 3d points feature. between you and me i often felt that there were aspects of the application that might not be fully implimented in the version of emotion downloadable at the time. at the time the application was released for personal experimentation and not intended for commercial use. i'm again sorry to say i don;t know how the 3d points work and wish you well in your further experimentation with emotion.

  • Thank you for let me know. I really appreciate it

  • One more question for you. In this video at 3:19 - 3:40 the effects the person does is awesome. I working with the same set up at home but can't find out how they made the cube and what effect is at 3:19 and how to make the partials seem to endless like in 1:15- 1:45 if you have any info please let me know. I want to really dig into eMotion.

  • all i can add at this time is i've watched many videos about work made with emotion and to this day many i have no idea how they were achieved.  in some i suspected other applications might have been involved too.

    in this video it does appear to be simply a leap motion controller linked to the application.
    my advice is keep digging, keep playing, be investigative and playful and see what you make.
    best wishes and i hope to view your results on vimeo too.

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    I think @particlep  knows the most about eMotion out of all of us!

    I agree with what's he's said 100% 'keep digging, keep playing, be investigative and playful' it's honestly the best way to learn with eMotion.