• I know it seems self explanatory but I can't find any reference information about the stage setup window on the forum or in the manual. Are there any pieces of information anywhere ?

  • Somenone at Troikatronix ? I think I've read in a thread about beta 2.5 that this window should have a complete overhaul in version 3 but I would like to have more infos in the meantime.
    Same for stage live edit. What does it imply ?

  • Stage setup is for setting up global keystoning and blending, most useful if you are doing a blend across multiple projectors. The keystoning lets you adjust skew if your overlapping projectors are not straight, you can then set the blend to do the overlap. Once this is done you should be able to get a square output form your projector actors and a smooth blend across the overlap. Stage live edit just enables the live edit functions of the stage setup.

  • Izzy Guru

    It does need an overhaul and it will be re-thought.

    Ultimately, it's down to Mark but there are a few features that need re-working in that window.

  • Thanks Fred, clearly what I understood from experience. Skulpture, I agree, that's why I asked, because I felt I missed some point. For live edit, I just realised I could move the corners from the preview window. Shame on me ! (and another reason for documenting these threads).
    Also, I had problems using edge blend in that windon, but that may come from the imac setup I tested with the demo version.
    What is the relationship / difference with the global edge blend mask ? It should be considered in the case of the projectors overlapping and gebm when using full display on single projector

  • The edge blend in the stage setup is slightly different and has another kind of gamma curve calculation. I had some problems with the actor version, the stage setup seems like a more intelligent place to put it, and it works well, just make sure you are on the latest beta b22 I think.

    Overall the stage setup is a bit easier to use (I think, or you can use the actors and make a useable GUI). The main reason is allowing you to grab points to do the keystone, although the lack of feedback for the edge blend and lack of sliders makes it less nice. I am guessing theĀ overhaul will be in the GUI not the actual functions of the setup as they are needed as is.
    The edge blend is really only for more than one projector when you need overlap to make a bigger projection.

  • A way to move the keystone points in the stage setup by small intervals using arrow keys like you can do in the projector mapping window would be nice.