Between Classic Shapes and Shapes.

  • Hello,

    I could change the color of Classic Shape with the slider. However new shape cannot do it anymore.
    I guess because of the color changing system is different from classic. When I use the slider with new shapes, it just turns the opacity to 0%.
    It was really good to change the color with slider when the piece is developing.
    I just want to know how everybody does this. It really takes time if you open the color box every time.
    I hope the developer can fix this day...


  • Izzy Guru


    well with the classic actor you did not have the opacity value and with a slider you only had a limited range of colours. But to get a similar effect with only one slider attach a "Color Maker HSB" to the fill color and connect the slider to the hue input.
    Best Michel

  • Great!

    I will try it.
    Thank you!