Inkbeat - Liverpool - UK - 15/12/06

  • Fellow izadorians,

    Tomorrow the 15th Dec 2016 I am involved in a multimedia performance providing visuals for a trapeze act - for more info look here:
    best wishes
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    I work with aerialists upon occasion. It would be interesting to see what you are doing.

  • Hi Dusx,

    Thanks for your interest - Attached are some images of the show, and an early incarnation of the izzy patch, sadly I took the wrong dongle so I couldn't hook in to the projector (Doh!). I did devise and rig the screen and install all the lighting for the show however and it looked pretty good as it was so I was happy with that, to be honest I was over stretched with tasks and something had to give. This was a no budget gig with some friends as I dont really do much of this work anymore so it keeps my hand in and I take it on my own terms.
    I built a floor to ceiling cube frame of timber and we clad it with a fine white mesh and I put my studio lights at the back, filled it with hazer smoke and had the musicians in there playing backlit with the other performers in front of stage. The venue is a small converted industrial space that my mates run a club from called 24 Kitchen St. soon to be shut down from pressure from property developers :-/
    The intention was to project some geometric generative monochrome patterns on the trapeze artist but like I said that didn't happen. Feel free to develop the patch if you can find a use for it.
    best wishes

    d0b101-img_6609.jpg 950839-img_6624.jpg 5178d2-img_6604.jpg 1abaa9-img_6607.jpg 51221e-img_6631.jpg 7d0baf-example.izz

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    Looks brilliant!

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