Stage -quad divisions

  • I'm using an AJA Hi5-4k  that acts as a quad video wall controller splitting a 4k signal into 4x1080 sections and am wondering if it's possible to expand the possibility that Isadora stage output has for halves and thirds so I can use quads.

    It would be something like top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right.

  • I recently asked the same for using the datapath x4. It is a trivial change, not sure when we will see it though.

  • Tech Staff

    Should be pretty easy to implement into the interface.

    I'm sure you know you could make a user actor/macro also.

  • @Skulpture : Using stage scaling ? I was also wondring for a recent project. Using a triplehead with outputs 1 and 2 working as a pair, and output 3 of the triplehead + the 2nd mini display of the imac working as a second pair (both pairs with edge blend). How should I setup the stage output and work edge blend ? At stage level or using global edge blend or edge blend mask ?

  • @Skulpture AFAIK there is no solution that lets us make a macro and then have edge blending and stage keystoning. This needs to be done by Mark.

    @[Stephane_Morisse](  the stage setup is the best way at the moment. It misses some vital features but is better than the actors. A new version is "on the way" no word on ETA.

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