• for a theater project, a friend asked me to spell words that would be written letter by letter, a bit like what happens (randomly here) in that video from a work by Castelucci : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBJBqJmPURE (start at 4'35).
    I shouldn't have to deal with so much text and started to build some stuff with picture players, but then I have to deal with complex tables and alternating logic between envelopes, 2 picture players and a mixer to morph letters and it works in a very random way, probably due to priorities in the data flow.
    I also tried with text/ure but I can't find how to input spelled text into this actor simply and reliably. Text draw seems to be a better option but I really don't see how to do this.
    Can someone point me in an Isadora based solution ? or maybe something involving Max and OSC ? albeit I would prefer to stick to Isadora.

  • Hello,

    I think the original was pre-made in After Effect or something like that, hard to compete and perhaps a good solution for you…
    If you want to approach that in real time, in Isadora the best solution would be to feed text Draw with a javascript actor, with the possibility to open an external file.
    You can also do it in Processing and send it to Isadora by Syphon. I would prefer this solution to Max/Msp, less demanding to processor and more stable (no crash With Processing, not the same with Max in my experience).
    Perhaps be more precise on what you want here, the rotating effect? the morphing effect, the strobe?
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    As @jhoepffner said, Javascript is probably your friend here. There are many ways to slice strings and output parts, and I am sure that a comparible solution could be produced. How exactly would you like it work?

  • Hi,

    for simple spelling the 'Text Chopper' is your friend. If you double this and fade, pimp it up with some effects, I'm pretty sure you can achieve something similar with the onboard possibilities of Izzy.
    Sometimes I hate this Max/Processing/Javascript reflex...
    best r


  • Thanks Jacques. I imagined the After Effects stuff but it may not need to be that complex. I think the main axis is the morphing effect, maybe some swiping also it seems. I can deal with the strobe effect and that kind of stuff in Isadora.I approached this already using some envelopes and FFGL actors like displace, shift glitch etc. Never used Processing so perhaps the time is now...
    Thanks Reinhard, I like this approach and like I wrote, I'd prefer to keep thing in Isadora. I will dig in your example and come back if I have further questions about it. Feel free to throw in new ideas ! :))

  • i recently made a similar effect with Text Draw.

    i had a performer in a show using sign language to tell her story. this was the surtitle projected behind her. (the position of the text was also controlled by the movement of her arm, but i've removed this aspect)
    the Pulse Generator was triggering each word in her story sequentially, but you could replace the words with single letters.
    i've attached a version of the patch (this was all inside a user actor, hence the input and output) - i hope it helps you solve your problem. (this patch also looks nice as it runs, particularly if you speed it up and loop it)
    happy new year!


  • Hi,

    as I nagged about this 'search outside Izzy-reflex' I had to do something, so I downloaded the video, watched the transition of the letters frame by frame and found that it is basically a vertical 'swipe' giving view to the next letter. Of course there is more - they have a special font, they alter the size slightly, they flip it and so on.
    Attached is a 'swipe only' solution. Maybe a good starting point - and, most important, purely Izzy :-)
    best r


  • Thanks Dbini and Reinhard, nice ideas ! I also had noticed the vertical swipe trick. Will post some of my attempts later in the year !

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    I like this thread. I miss Isadora tutorials that train the text possibilities in Isadora

  • So do I ! Feature request ?

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    Do I remember an old thread listing tutorial topic requests? If not I think we need one.

    EDIT: created one, 

  • I made a search with those words and didn't find anything so we need one. :)