Useful tool for Kinect V2 on Windows.

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    This fall I have worked on a few Kinect V2 projects.
    In doing so I put together an OF project that shares the Kinect v2 skeleton data, as well as, a number of the video feeds via Spout.

    It also offers the 'green screen' like feature, that automatically cuts out the background and provides a video feed with alpha of the 'body'. Hopefully its useful to some of you.

    Skeleton data is provided via OSC, and is either sent as individually addressed messages, or wrapped as JSON and sent as just a few bundled messages.
    I have included a sample Isadora file that shows how to unbundle these messages and use a few of the features. It requires the latest beta: 
    I am actively working on this project, so if you have any trouble let me know and I'll fix it asap.

  • Thanks, Ryan!
    I look forward to trying it all out!

  • Tech Staff

    Thanks Ryan. I am going to buy a Kinect V2 soon. Will you keep us updated via this thread please? Thanks,

  • Tech Staff

    Gladly. There are more features I am happy to add if people start to use this. My focus was on trying to pass the osc data as json ( hoping to make an easier system ). So the straight osc addresses haven't been tested much, and don't yet include the hand open/closed state. Hopefully it's useful to some. ☺

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