Useful tool for Kinect V2 on Windows.

  • @DusX 

    Hi Ryan, me again: I think the issue for me is that in the kinect2share_v0.2-beta the kinect2share.exe was included, whereas I don't find it in the current master download from Github. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how to download files from Github... don't I just download as a .zip and open that? Or is there some sort of compiling needed?



  • Hi Ryan,

    You are AWESOME!!!

    Thank you very much! I am not a Developer and I was super desperate to have something like that!!!

    If you have a PayPal I can buy you a couple of beers ;) 

    Thank you once again!



  • Tech Staff


    I think you are grabbing the wrong bundle.

    Look for the 'releases' tab/link (I always miss it as well..  not very prominent)

    There you get the complete app... pretty sure you were grabbing the source code ☺

    I can write something up to help with my next update (coming soon since I am using it for a project that requires some minor things) I will add the instructions to the Readme. 

  • @DusX

    DOH! Stick me in the corner and pass me the dunce's cap. Yes, that's just what I was doing! LOL!

    Right, let's give it a go (rolling up sleeves and turning on the Kinect!)

  • Tech Staff


    that work for you ?

  • @DusX

    hello. wonderful tool for noncode people like us. but we can not get the deph info/ picture/ video. not in your gui of th of app. and not over ndi or spout. 

    win 10. xmg laptop. i7. 1060m.

    any idea.

    thx. hs.

  • @deflost

    I don't really understand you....
    What can you see? Post a screenshot....
    The Kinect can take a moment to detect you. So you can see the RGB image in the program, but you won't see the other three until the Kinect has recognised you.
    Make sure the camera can see you - or a body - and move around a little so that it can tell you're human.

  • Tech Staff


    as @mark_m requested more information would be helpful.
    That said, a small bug was Identified yesterday that stopped some of the Spout feeds from being sent if the NDI was not checked On.
    So to have access to all the available Spout feeds the NDI On/OFF must be checked.

  • @DusX

    ok. thanx very much. with all ndi's on it works. but also the contrast on some of our displays was so horrible that this also makes it difficult to see infrared and depth. so maybe it is possible to manage brightness and contrast in kinect2share tool? 

    thank you very much. 


  • Tech Staff

    I haven't yet added a Levels effect to the app. Its planned, but won't happen real soon.
    You can adjust levels and contrast in Isadora (gpu based, and fast). Thats what I've done in the past and it works well.

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