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  • Hi Happy new year for all of you!  Maybe this is old question but I dont remember  if is possible to redirect Skype or web visuals in general vía Syphon. If it is posible can you remeind me the procedure ? Im mean the step by step of the configuration. Thank you very much !! 


  • Hi Maxi,

    You can try this app [](

  • Tech Staff

    If you are on mac also look at this:

  • Thank you guys !! already tested the syphoner and works great !! Another question: how to get the full screen from youtube for example to send direct to isadora?

    And an App equivalent for windows user?
    Thanks a lot

  • Tech Staff

    Currently no Windows alternative to Syphoner that I can think of.

    You may find something if you search Github.

  • @DusX  there is a solution also for win. I found it on spout's forum. 

    here the links 
    original thread
    I've tested it and it works pretty well

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