• Hey, I'm wondering if there's a simple way to use files with alpha channels in Isadora 2? Cheers, Jamie

  • Tech Staff

    Yes, Video with contained alphas are fully supported.

    Additionally, you can add alphas within Isadora, and do a number of alpha based processes. (luma key, chroma key etc.)
    Syphon on Mac, and Spout on PC also support alpha, so you can stream video with alpha into and out of Isadora using these features.

  • Thanks for responding I really appreciate it.

    Animation codec seems really clunky. I'm assuming prores is the best?
     Also, does it support png sequences? If so, how do you import them? I've tried with no luck. 
    Thanks again!
  • Tech Staff

    prores is a great choice..

    Another (my preferred) is Hap Alpha. (requires installing the Hap codecs). For the png sequences.. create a new media picture folder and load all the images into it.
    You will need to use the Picture player to play the images. (a counter and timer as well if you want to play like video)

  • I just want to put two movies in a scene. One with alpha and one without. I want isadora to recognize the transparency in the alpha movie. what would my set up look like? i am using Hap as you suggested. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    The easiest way is to play the movie on stage, put "blend" to "transparency" and set "layer" to a number higher to any other projector on stage.
    And voilà, sample here