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    Please post below your top request for official Isadora tutorials.

    With the upcoming Isadora 2.5 release it's a good time for us to discuss topics for training.
    It would be helpful if you can point out current features that require clarification, as well as, specific use cases that are of interest.
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    Use Text

    Izzy map
    Stage setup/edge blend
    GLSL Shader
    Infrared Tracking with Eyes++ (Marks workshop at the Werkstatt)
    3D particles
    Blackmagic Live Feed
    Simple Java Script stuff
    Simple Arduino
    Basic DMX
    Cue sheet
    Basic Calculations, like Limit Scale Value, etc..
    Chroma key, Masks
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    These are great topics.

    Many of these are huge topics unto themselves.
    I think it might help to narrow things down to a few top picks, and specific use cases.
    for example, simple Arduino.
    This is a huge powerful platform, that can do nearly anything, so a specific use case would be helpful.
    eg: Controlling an Arduino Pan/Tilt servo setup via the serial interface.  (came to mind because this was my first use-case)
    additionally, in the case of Izzy map. We have current tutorials. What are they missing? How are you wanting to use izzymap that isn't being addressed.
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    There was a misunderstanding, as I had video tutorials in mind. So seeing how one is mapping in Isadora could be very useful. I find there are multiple ways of achieving the same results, but some are more quick.

    Regarding arduino: yes its a huge topic. I like the idea of an Arduino Pan/Tilt servo.

  • I'd like to see a detailed and complex tutorial that follows a specific real-life project being built from beginning to end. For example, a tutorial that shows how to create a video artwork/presentation that plays unattended - as if it were in an art gallery or museum exhibition. There is lot of a focus on creating a theater or dance events that require a person operating the patch at all times. So it would be good to have an example of how to create a patch that is fully automated and can be left to continually loop but have audience interaction using say:

    Broadcaster / Listener
    Cue sheets

  • i would love an introduction to the Data Array. I've been putting off using it for a while now, it looks a bit deep.

  • I like the idea of Deluxercor ! Also data array actor. Best, Maxi

  • I kind of have an agenda on this one, I think a good mapping and blending tutorial would be good. I know it is well trodden territory, but I have some specifics, as I faced some problems in real world settings and I think doing a really tricky one could be good, and I would like to see how the official team solves these problems. 
    Pre-requisites would be: 
    Multiple projectors through a dual or triple head or data path. 
    Projectors are rotated relative to each other on the X,Y and Z axis
    Overlap so there is a blend
    Projecting onto a physical object so the corner points are not all visible on the object during edit stage
    Steps: Edit stage to correct geometry
    create blend boundary
    user mapper or chopper to line up a ultra wide or ultra tall movie or image so it is smooth on the blend
    Adjusting blend to compensate for colours in content
    propagate mapping through other scenes
    I have to do these jobs from time to time and fast (arriving in the day, build-up, map and project at sunset and then pack up and go home).
    Maybe I am wrong but if there was a tutorial that covered the hardest mapping it would satisfy everyone.
    This type of work is tough and there are not many tools that can do it easy (outside of the super expensive media servers), I think it could benefit Izzy if it had this calibre of tutorial to also show off the workflow and relative easy you can do it with.

  • I'm with Fred on this one, seems like a perfect agenda about mapping strategy.
    Also some stuff on broadcaster / listener. Use them sometimes but would like a clearer view. coming from Max I consider them like some send and receive objects but would like to know how you use them.
    Same for Data Array.

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    I'm with @dibini Data Array would be great.

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    I agree this use-case needs some work.. and I have seen your feature request/notes. Some thought needs to go into this, and it may be that some upcoming features make this workflow much easier (and may be better to include in training) I will try to do some similar setups in my studio soon and if I have any useful feedback/tips

  • Actually mark did a lot of work and this is not a bad workflow. To be honest I don't know if I have the right strategy in approaching the situation, that is why I am keen for a tutorial. Also there is not much software around that can deal with this and Izzy does a mean job. Bugs are pretty much all solved, last time I had to do this I had very little time to strategize. The new Izzy support team has a lot of great minds (@DusX you especially have made Izzy go into great new places with your work and tutorials) and I would love their take on these situations. Fred

  • Oh and a tutorial about text actors use in Izzy would be great of course, as this was this topic starter !

  • Data Array Actor please

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    Ok. Data array. I'm starting on it. Video mapping/blending I will do some tests and see what comes of it. @Fred I would love to see some project pics.. pm me if you can share some.