Cornerpin Projector MK2 V 1.5

  • I'm updating a existing show to Version 2. I'm currently changing every actor because I can't change the actors to GPU without completely changing them. I have an actor called 'Cornerpin Projector MK2 V 1.5' It's a user actor. it doesn't come up when I search it. I can't find it online. Can anyone help with this?


  • It's an old Matthew Haber actor - you can find it here (in V1.6):
    best r

  • Awesome! thanks. Does it work on Version 2?

  • Is there another corner pin actor that comes with Isadora 2?

  • It looks like that actor doesn't work on Version 2.

  • Tech Staff

    Just curious why you need this when version 2 has IzzyMap?

  • Skulpture. We're doing internally in a scene, not a universal change. We're placing the same movie into two actor chains. Each chain has a panner actor and a corner pin actor. One chain with be corner pinned to screen on the back wall of the actual stage, and the other chain will be connected seamless on the floor. Make sense?

  • What about 2 projector actors fed with same movie, with different izzymap settings ?

  • Fifou. That works great. thank you for the suggestion.


  • You are welcome :)

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