[RESOLVED] Confused in the registration process.

  • I bought and Isadora 1.0 license with plans to upgrade immediately. I registered the new license through a trial version of 2.0 and it said "registration complete. All features of Isadora 2.0 are now available. I am curious if this was just a mistake because I registered through the 2.0 demo or if I am registered for 2.0 already. I don't want to spend the extra $100 or so if I don't need to.

    Anyone experience anything similar?

  • NEVERMIND! I went into help and saw that it still says try 2.0 in demo mode or upgrade to 2.0 so it was clearly just a mishap.

  • Tech Staff

    Using a Version 1 registration when installing Version 2 of Isadora, should activate the software to use all Version 1 features (essentially this is the latest release for Version 1 as well) it will have the latest bug fixes etc.. You will not have access to GPU based video playback/effects or any other Version 2 features.