How to access another software through Isadora during a show

  • Hi there,

    During a show, I'd like to have a "cue" that smoothly fades to a screen which then shows a different software (Sibelius...used for scoring music) on the screen, which I can work in real-time. 
    In other words, I'd like the audience to see the work I'm doing in Sibelius live, in the middle of an Isadora show. But I don't want them to see me switch between Applications...I'd prefer a smooth fade. Is this possible?

    Thank you. 

  • You can try using syphon screen grabber to capture sibelius (or a spout equivalent on PC) and then a Isadora can fade between them, or you can use two machines and a video mixer, or you can use a second machine to run sibelius and capture device in Isadora, then sibelius will come in as a live input. You may be able to do the last option with a single computer if you have enough outputs and processing power.

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    On Mac Syphoner and then Syphon receiver in Isadora

  • Izzy Guru

    ^ What they said. :)

    Apart from hardware video mixers this is the only way to go about it inside software. 

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Fred ! how can I use syphon screen capture into Isadora. Ive downloaded de plugin but I see it must be used vía QC? Am I right? Can you explain the steps? Thanks a lot


  • No there is a syphon actor in isadora. have a look for syphon tutorials, there is also a lot of info in the forum.

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    Type Syphon Receiver in the search field 10280d-screenshot-2017-01-18-20.19.56.png