• Hi all,

    I'm using Videoglide (1.5.1) software for two live camera inputs to isadora for years now without problems.

    But now I can't seem to save my videoglide composite settings. One of my digitizers defaults to a Brightness of 60% which makes for a washed out image.  In the Videoglide software I reset the brightness to 50%.  This worked in Videoglide (it retains the setting).  But in Isadora's settings window for Video input 1 / Videoglide:composite/settings/Videoglide the brightness setting is not retained when one closes and then reopens the patch (I have Isadora Preferences/Video Input Settings/ Load-Save all turned on).  (BTW, Isadora exhibits the same behaviour with the USB bandwidth setting for the digitizers--it doesn't remember the setting).

    Any ideas?


  • Also, I'm using videoglide software with 2 licenses and it's been working for years up until last week, but now it needs to be re-licensed every time I restart the computer.

    To be honest I'm not sure if this is an Isadora problem, or Videoglide as I updated both softwares at the same time, unfortunately...

    Echofx say this can be a problem with the videoglide preferences file, but I have trashed it and started new with the same behavior.

    Any ideas?


  • Did the Videoglide people respond to you yet? It seems really unlikely this is an Isadora problem. One thing to try is to use QuickTime Player Pro to capture video from Videoglide. If you do this (and don't open Isadora at all) do you see the same problem?

    It could be that some folder, where it keeps license info, is not writable. I don't know where they keep this information, but that would be one likely candidate.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the fast response.

    in relation to the licensing, they did get back to me.  They suggested I trash their Preference file, which I did.  I'll see how it goes in the next few days.

    In relation to the live video settings, they say that that is also related to the preference file.  As I wrote, these settings stay in Videoglide, but not in Isadora, so I'm not sure how to trouble shoot this problem.



  • Dear Eric,

    Did you enable the "Load/Save all Video Input Settings When Starting/Stopping Live Input" checkbox in the Video tab of the Preferences?
    If not, try that, and see if the settings stick.
    Best Wishes,

  • Yes I have that setting enabled.