Multiple Blob Tracking w/ Webcam + Video accumulation

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    I know motion tracking has been covered many times in these forums. I am having  a hard time finding a tutorial / discussion that addresses webcam motion tracking that impacts video playback. For the project I am working on, I will be limited to using a webcam (w/ usb extension). I'm hoping to track people coming into a space. As more people enter the space, the intensity of the video will increase, and hopefully multiple iterations of the same video will playback at the same time. I am only using one projector. 
    Can anyone point me to a tutorial that might lead me to the right actors needed? I'm familiar with eyes ++ but need a little help with how to calculate and accumulate the data received from the multiple people entering the space. Any ideas? 
    Thanks so much!! 

  • Tech Staff

    You might use a difference actor to determine the difference between a before view (freeze actor) and the live input. Unless you think you can have the camera viewing from above, so that each person is a smaller blob. That might work for using eyes++.

  • Tech Staff

    You can find some of my tutorials on my blog here, there are all the ones with "motion tracking" as a meta tag, hopefully you can find some useful bits and pieces there.
    To be honest, its a big topic. And every piece is always very specific. I guess the real question is; what are you trying to do with the data? Then we can tackle how to calculate it. 

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