• Hi folks,

    I spent 10 years playing with Isadora and I'm still discovering fabulous tricks.
    After giving new workshops, I clarified 2 needs and I share them with you :
    1- New projector actor is a massive evolution but I miss an edge blend mask on mappers...
    We have now an edge blend mask actor and a stage setup in the output menu but they don't work perfectly together for me.
    That is my main wish :  tools of edge blend mask on mappers. Waouw !
    2- I tour very different projects and I would love to sometime save some izz preferences for specific file, mainly video image pocessing and stage preferences (when we use 6 stages).
    Since I work with Syphon suite,  (Black syphon, server and TCP server), I don't use anymore INPUT/live capture settings, so that is not so useful to save anymore.
    I do a screenshot of those settings and put in the main file with my medias but it could be cool to link those preferences to the master file).
    I know on some OS, the destination of displays changes when we switch of the computer, so it'll not be perfect.
    What do you think of that ? How is your practice on those 2 actions ?
    Thank's for sharing,

  • The edge blend in the stage setup works well (I think the actors are a legacy system- it has been talked about that there is a whole new version of the stage setup on the way), it needs a few more helpers (like at least a line at the blend boundaries for aligning, but otherwise it is there and works well, and together (again a few interface details) with the stage key stoning it allows for pretty much any scenario.

    I feel like this stuff should stay as is  for functionality and the mapper is more for feeding content to stages. How would an edge blend on a mapper work, on all quads that go over a boundary or on selected quads per boundary?).
    I would love that the stage setup is aware of its own key stoning and blending instead, that izzy could then deduce the biggest rectangle it can fit across blended stages (lets say 3 physical projectors) and then amalgamate these into a new single stage (it knows how much overlap there is), then once the stage setup is done no more chopping and adjusting for overlap, just send everyhing to the new stage. This is a feature of serveral other well known systems.