Weird behaviour when showing stages and Izzy Map

  • Hi,

    I am in a school environment where we have a new rig with Izzy installed for use in theatre. I am coming across some weird behaviours that I do not have when I use it personally at home. I'm running Izzy 2.2.2
    When I hit "show stages" no image appears on chosen display (forced preview works). If I then choose the main display as the output stage it will appear and then after I choose again display 2 (or 3) it will work. It does this every time I close and load up Izzy again.
    Also working in Izzy Map the image will not centre and I have to scroll ever increasingly further in one direction to see the image I am working with (on the ouput screen). Otherwise every thing else works as normal but these two issues are annoying and time consuming.
    The rig
    win 10
    i7-6700K @ 4GHz
    Nvidia GTX 1080
    16 GB installed DDR5 RAM
    has anybody else encountered anything similar? Some insight would be appreciated.
  • Tech Staff

    Is it a laptop?
    If so you probably need to go into the 3D section of the Nvidia control panel, and set Isadora.exe to only use the dedicated graphics card (bypassing Optimus)

  • No, it is a desktop.

    But I will have a look at that on Monday morning.

  • Hi,

    From what I can tell Isadora is using the dedicated graphics card. 
    I am totally at a loss here and would really appreciate some suggestions for next steps...
    thanks in advance
  • Tech Staff

    A number of fixes related to similar issues with onboard intel video are included in the latest Beta.

    I suggest testing it.

  • cheers

    will give it a go.

  • @DusX thanks, beta 2.5 did the trick and all works well.

    much appreciated with simple fix.