Different frame delay when I capture live video through Manycam software and directly

  • not so long ago I've asked about capture card to use with Isadora. I've asked about  "avermedia live gamer hd".

    I've bought it on my risk and I note...  it works perfect! but with few remarks: 
    1\. Isadora can't capture stream through Recentral driver(it cause to crash of Isadora), only through Stream Engine driver.
    2\. In case if you want to capture stream directly from Stream Engine drivers, frame delay will be about 1second, but.....
    3\. In Case if you capture stream through Manycam Software(Stream Engine Drivers-> ManyCam -> Isadora), then frame delay will be about 7-8 frames only
    So, for now, I use Isadora together with ManyCam. But I can't understand why direct capture will causes to much more delays?
    Any suggestions?
    Best wishes,