Isadora If/Then Scenarios: Clock Actor and Triggers

  • Hello, I am new to the community and to Isadora and I have a patching issue that I am struggling with.  I am a photographer and preparing for an upcoming show in which I will be using Isadora to drive 6 4K videos at a time and send them out to OLED screens and create an animated video wall of sorts. I have my patch mostly complete, however, I am not sure how to accomplish this:

    I have a keyboard watcher patched to triggers that allow me to hit keys to play, stop and rewind a video clip and what I am not sure how to do is to use the clock actor to trigger the rewind button at a certain time, meaning I would like to set a timer actor to run and when the time hits say 30 seconds I want it to automatically trigger the rewind button. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it as I am under a bit of a tight deadline. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Comparator Actor?

    although i don't think the clock is going to be very useful if you just want to trigger something after a period of inactivity. try the Trigger Delay. if this is constantly triggered, it doesn't fire, but if there is no activity then it fires a set number of seconds after the final trigger. could be useful?

  • Wonderful, I'll give that a shot. Thanks a lot!

  • Hello,

    personally I would do it like that:
    – timer
    – comparator, equal or bigger than 30 (you must divide the time by 1000, because is write x seconds but it's really x * 1000 that is outputted)
    – trigger value with zero
    – zero to movie player position
    It works for me and you can see the time, not with trigger delay