Possible to play and pause video in one scene?

  • I'm wondering if i can put one video into a scene and just play bits of it at a time on cue. The ultimate result I need to achieve it text messages on a phone coming in and being sent, so I need to be able to cue them as the actors send and receive them. I think it needs to be one video because the texts need to scroll up the iphone screen.

  • you could trigger different values to the Speed input of the Movie Player. 0 will pause, 1 will play. use a Trigger Value for instant changes or an Envelope Generator to ramp up and down.

    if you want each section of the movie to pause automatically (when a text message appears) there are ways to set up the stop trigger. if each section is the same length then a simple Trigger Delay could send the 0 speed trigger. if each section is different then you could use a series of Comparators being fed from the Position output of the Movie Player that each trigger a zero speed at the right point in the movie (use [Greater Than] setting for each trigger)
    i hope this helps,