Best Live Capture strategies?

  • Hi all,

    So I've used Live Capture before w/ Izz, but via a mac mini, and using Firewire.  I'm now trying to do it on a MacBook pro using HDMI and a blackmagic ultra studio mini recorder with absolutely no luck... 
    Have tried with an OLD panasonic DVX100 (what i used back in the day), a Canon 5D m2 and a panasonic ag-hmc80pj and none of them are giving me picture in the Live Capture Settings window.....  I've tried all the usual tricks like restarting, stop/start live capture, enable/ disable, etc... I assume I just have the hardware all ferblunget.  
    Any thoughts as to how best to accomplish this greatly appreciated! 
  • Tech Staff

    The video formats need to match exactly the setting that the BlackMagic device is expecting.

    For example.
    If I attach my Canon DSLR (t3i) to my BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle, the camera will output 1080i 60, If I press record on the Camera, the hdmi output from the camera switches to 1080p 30.
    So if I have Isadora capturing the 1080i 60 stream, it fails when it switches to 1080p 30.
    The Black Magic Media Express software is your friend. You need to ensure that this software can see you input. It will show you the format received (bottom left of screen). 
    You need to use this exact format when setting the Black Magic driver for Isadora capture.

  • THANK YOU!  that totally did the trick!