Controlling moving light pan with Myo (joy and problems)

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    Dear collective wisdom,

    I am trying to control a moving light with Myo through a max patch that transforms a dancer movement into light movement. When the dancer starts rotating th light does it too. Everything is fine but I have a problem that also happens with a infinite rotation potentiometer. When the dancer slowly turns Myo orientation values go from 0 to 127 (a full tour on himself) and the light does the same. But if the dancer wants to go on rotating in the same directions values go back to 0 and the light.... also comes back quickly to the initial position.
    Any idea on how to solve this?
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    you are mapping an up ramp, but no down ramp.

    You need to map range X to the Up (0 to 127) and range Y to Down(127 to 0)
    Setup so that X and Y ranges alternate at the thresholds.

  • @DusX - this problem has also been confusing me for a while now. with your advice, I think I can build a solution. Thanks Ryan.


  • Hi @DusX and @Armando:

    I found a solution, using Ryan's ramping idea - this gives a particular outcome that is smooth, but half the time, the output doesn't correlate with the input.
    is there a way of patching something so that an increasing input gives an increasing output, ignoring the jump back to zero, and a decreasing input gives a decreasing output, ignoring the jump back to 127? I can't get my head around it. ;)


  • Armando,

    I cannot understand exactly where is your problem? Can you give what is the Myo output and what do you need for numbers?

  • @Armando, @dbini @ DusX

    I think I understand your problem. The problem is you have to increment the output with 100 when you pass 0 in positive way and decrease it by 100 when you pass 0 in negative way to avoid the gap, so you need to know the instant speed.
    I made a quick (working) proposition, it would be much easier in Python :-) less in javascript because you cannot easily manage real time inside the script.
    Here is the patch and the screen capture.
    PS that's the reason because I use encoders instead of infinite potentiometer, you know instantly in which side you are rotating.
    Hope that helps,

    1c2d0c-armandocounter.jpg 84d3c6-forarmando.izz

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    Thanks a lot folks. I think that Jacques has a solution but I don't have the light any more now. As soon as I have it again. What encoders are you referring too Jacques?

  • I've been working on how to solve this problem and have come up with something I think may be useful to share. The Macro in here converts OSC from the MYO into joystick control that outputs a constant signal if the MYO is moving, but nothing if it is still. I've included a counter to be able to convert this signal back into numerical data, if that is necessary. It gives a nice, organic ramping to the data and can cope with the data thresholds.


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    Hello @dbini

    thanks for the hint. Is there a patch to understand well? Can't see it


  • @Armando - Yes, yes, yes (i uploaded the patch when that feature of the new forum wasn't working)

    here it is, let me know if it works for you,

    all the best,


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