Capture Stage To Disk stops after 5 seconds

  • Hi all,

    (Forgive me for double posting, but I received some cryptic message from my first post that led me to believe I would never get a response and I couldn't understand why. So. . . take two)

    I cannot for the life in me figure out why my Capture Stage To Disk actor is automatically stopping after exactly 5 seconds.  Plenty of disk space, no 'STOP' recording input. (originally happening with 2.2.2 but then updated to 2.5.1 in an attempt to solve this problem - to no avail)

    Thanks! Mø

  • administrators

    The demo version has a five second limitation on recording. We decided a while back to remove this limitation, but I must admit I somehow didn't take care of it for v2.5. 

    So, if you're on a demo version, it is to be expected. If you're on a registered version, then there is something wrong.

    Best Wishes,

  • @admin Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the note. I was definitely using the demo version today at work because I left the USB key at home.

    I'll fire it up with the USB key and give it another whirl.

    Thanks for the insights and thanks for making the Creative Server better and better and better!

    Cheers, Mø

  • administrators

    Glad to be of help.

    Best Wishes,

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