• Hello all. I'm trying to do some 4K live capture, and would love some help with a software-crashing issue. I'm using a Blackmagic capture card (mini recorder 4k) to capture 4K stream from a GoPro. At HD/FHD resolutions, it work's great, but when I try to start capture at 2160p, the program crashes. Capturing via Black Spout at that resolution works just fine. Do any of you have any idea why this happens, and if there's anything I can do to fix it?

    The signal comes from a GoPro, is converted to SDI with a BM mini converter, and captured by a Mini Recorder 4K (the converter is there basically just to convert 4:4:4 to 4:2:2 - would love other suggestions there too, but it honestly seems to be the cheapest option). Capturing to other software works fine. Capture via Black Spout into Izzy works fine. Directly from Isadora doesn't. Signatures seem to be working, but it's Windows 10, running on an i5 4690K, GTX 970, and 16gb RAM.

    I have submitted error reports. Here's the crash report. I think. Don't know exactly what to look for in it:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

    <CrashRpt version="1401">




        <ImageName>C:\Program Files (x86)\Isadora\Isadora.exe</ImageName>

        <OperatingSystem>Windows 10 Pro Build 14393</OperatingSystem>














            <Prop name="LicenseModel" value="USB" />

            <Prop name="LicenseName" value="Matthew Wasser" />



            <FileItem name="crashdump.dmp" description="Crash Minidump" />

            <FileItem name="crashrpt.xml" description="Crash Description XML" />



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    This solutions article tells you "what to do" when you have a crash on Windows. Make sure to submit a ticket so we can follow up.


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