Windows: error report warning on restart after crash - how to turn this off?

  • When Isadora 2.5.1 (I think: latest version anyhow) restarts after a crash it plays a little 'ding' and asks me if I want to send an error report.
    How can I suppress this 'ding'? 
    I have system sounds set to 'mute' in the Windows sound control mixer thing..

    I am using Michel's magic restart method, but what happens is that I get this 'ding' on restart, which isn't appropriate mid show....


    Mark ( a different one)

  • Tech Staff


    Dear Mark, did you try disabling error reporting?

    Best Michel

  • If it is Isadora's "CrashRpt" window, you can right click the area that shows the crash reports and say "delete all." That being said, please send them and include your email address. It allows us to identify and solve the problem.

    Best Wishes,