Izzycon '17

  • Flight is bought. I know is totally premature, but I need a good suggestion for a cheap (very cheap) place where rest during the meeting. Anyone that was there have a tip ?

  • Tech Staff

    Check AirBnB. If not all the info and help you need will be shared with you around May time on wards.

  • Tech Staff

    I found something last year through AirBnB

  • @Maximortal 

    Izzycon... haha! ;-)

  • ok..thanks all @mark i suggest to change the name from werkstatt (too much german!!!!!  every time i pronounce it i feel goose bumps ;-) ) to izzycon (more catchy and international)

  • Tech Staff

    I like Werkstatt, reminds me of that cool Moog ))

  • Tech Staff

    I've just googled Werkstatt and Google tells me it's 'workshop' - not sure how precise this is, but if it is true, I feel the event is more than just a workshop- it is more of a conference/festival, no?

  • <geek mode> ok, new option for the name: Isadora the gathering, you need just to tap 4 mana to partecipate!  ;-) </geek mode>

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    My grandfathers Werkstatt was full of tools for wood work, he probably repaired every window in the whole neighborhood. My fathers Werkstatt had plenty electronic stuff to build radios and other things. His most impressive apparat was an oscilloscope, once he even had a mechanic heart from our neighbor an engineer for machines. My mothers sewing Werkstatt was installed temporarily in the eating room when ever we needed new clothing you couldn’t buy in the GDR.  

    Werkstätten one can find in every business like in the theater, Werkstätten for stage design, light, sound, costume, All those places have in common that you build something, merge objects and ideas to a new presence. The Uferstudios used to be a Werkstatt for buses, our old office there looked more like a Werkstatt then an office.

    When we were looking for a name for this Izzymaniac community gathering last year, we did not only want to relate to the software aspect but express that this meeting is about bringing the software into the space of the world. This event isn't a conference/Konferenz (con) or a platform/Platform, or a workshop/Workshop, or an atelier/Atelier or a garage/Garage. We have all those words in /german, but we also have WERKSTATT and the dictionary shows that you don’t have a word for this in english or italian. So please feel free to import this wonderful word into your language.

  • @Woland EPIC!

  • @Woland what a bunch of geek we are...definitively we MUST be inside a werkstatt, where else?

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