Duet for Three Dancebot - online now

  • Hello gang,

    A few years ago I made an interactive dance film in a box called Duet for Three that toured to various venues, festivals and conferences in the UK from 2011-2013. A few of you may have seen it - I remember Mark getting into it at Digital Futures in Bournemouth. Anyway, the box is long gone, but the film still exists. I've rebuilt it for Skype, and its currently online. All you have to do is search in Skype for Duet For Three and then - if it is online and not busy - video call it. 

    Basically, there's two dancers on screen, and the playback of each one is determined by the amount of movement your webcam receives (the input feed is split into left and right, and the dancers never cross the central line) - there are 5 scenes to choose from - all based on everyday gestures and pedestrian movement - that can be selected by pointing to the titles at the top of the screen. The system should auto-calibrate 5 seconds after you connect.

    Its built in Isadora, with help from Syphon Screen Capture and a BlackMagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder.

    It would be great if you could check it out and let me know if it's working ok for you. (initial tests have been a bit mixed)(I'm hoping to leave it online over the weekend, but on Monday i'll be using Isadora for another project)

    All the best,


  • I've just updated the patch so that now the audio is also responsive to the viewer's movement. It would be great if people could help me test this over the next few days....