Classical music and projection

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    I am not sure if this is the right category @Michel feel free to change that if necessary.

    I was searching for videos of performances in the classical music field where video projection, maybe with mapping and interaction is involved. I didn't found a lot. So I ask the community to share something what they know looks interesting. All kinds of idas are welcome.

    One I found was this

    Here I was thinking how to map the shape of the instrument. Any ideas?

    So there are actually two questions here. Approaches to classical music with projection and the technical question of mapping a moving instrument.

  • Hi Alex - I did half the projections for this project a few years ago. The brief was to find ways to attract new audiences for classical music.

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    Dear John,

     Thank you, looks fantastic. 

  • Hi Alex:

    This is one of my central focus points with Izzy.  Here is a Vimeo URL of a performance a year ago where multiple live cameras, six projectors with mapping, DMX controlled lights were all controlled by one MIDI keyboardist in the orchestra triggering planned cues to the music under the direction of the conductor.

    I am also currently using a program that controls 6 PTZ cameras for live streaming of predetermined cues and presets as determined by the conductor.

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    @kdobbe dear Kevin, thank you for sharing your work. How are the reactions from the public? From the musicians? Are they not distracted from the visuals? That is my fear when implementing projections. Also what about the noise of projectors? In classical music  where is a lot of silence, or quiet parts you had issues with buzzing projectors?

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    A fellow Isadora user called Netia Jones, based in London, does a lot of nice work in and around this area; a lot of opera and classical stuff.

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    @Skulpture hei Graham, thank you. I really like his aesthetics and style. Very inspiring. In opera you can find a lot with projection nowadays, of course also a cost effective way to save money for scenario.

    Maybe the transition from opera to pure classical concert could be the missing link that was missing for me. Great community here as always and big help for my research to integrate Isadora with my classical concerts

  • Hi Alex:

    This concert was booked to be a combo visual/music event.  As anticipated, the younger people in the audience loved the interpretive synchronization with the music.  The traditional audience member were not used to visuals being so integrated.  This was a full "bells and whistles" event.  I believe that subtle synchronized media can enhance even the most traditional audience member.  Even the traditionalist enjoyed seeing the conductor from the front... 

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    It is actually strange that the conductor turns his back to the public. That was not always the case: I was told in the beginning, when the conductor "was invented" he conducted in the direction of the audience. Your video reminded me of that origin somehow. Back to the roots))

  • hello.

    but there is still the question how map a moving cello so presice. any ideas. or is it a post prduction fake? rh.

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