[BEST PRACTICE] Use the "initialize" feature instead of "Enter Scene Value" to Initialize Media Inputs

  • I've just written a new "Best Practice" article because this issue caused a user trouble recently. If you're interactively manipulating the media input (i.e,. the 'movie' input of a Movie Player) then this is an article you should read.


    Team, please have a look: @Michel, @Skulptrue, @DusX, @mc_monte, @crystalhorizon


  • Tech Staff


    Dear Mark

    Read and understood it :-).

  • Tech Staff

    Yes, important detail for users to understand.

  • Tech Staff

    @mark got it, important to know

  • Tech Staff

    Read - all makes sense. 

  • Hi All,

    I use this initialize function a lot, it's very handy.

    Talking about this function, it would be great to have color of values that will be initialized at scene enter changed to another color.

    You not always remember all the values that will initialized when entering a scene..

    Feature request ?

    All the best


  • I find that I rarely, if ever, use the Enter Scene Value actor. I always just seem to use the Initialize function. I'm curious though, are there situations where using the Enter Scene Value actor would be preferable to having something initialize?

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