ImageBuffer-based plugin - click on output preview causes crash

  • Hi all, I'm a Isadora SDK newbie, but have written freeframe plugins for izzy before (a kind of particle system). I have a test plugin that draws random coloured pixels at the moment, but have come across and interesting problem. The plugin works - can connect disconnect it from a projector plugin etc., but I just happened to click my mouse on the output preview window and for some reason this causes Isadora to crash. Looking at the Mac OSX bug report I see a EXC_BAD_ACCESS with something to do with ImageBuffer_Copy. Code attached - summary: the plugin does not need video in, so I'm using ImageBufferPtr for video out, rather than ImageBufferMap.

  • I'll try to take a look at this in the next couple of days. Bump me if you don't hear something by Thursday. Thanks.

    Best Wishes,