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    Dear All

    In 2009 Skulpture (aka Graham) made a midi learn user actor for controllers, I then updated it with note on/off, added a reset button and a useful output text. Here it is.

    Best Michel

    Midi Learn v1.2.6.iua

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    2009 blimey! How time flies when having fun with MIDI lol

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    Some years ago i bought a BCF-2000. To make pairing easier I made something similar. I called it the control watcher ++. It recognizes a high or low resolution midi input.

    I think it is not as stable and pretty as your midi learn but it saved me a lot of time working with the BCF.

    When 'learn' is triggered you move the encoder or fader to the maximum and the actor recognizes a low or high res input and scales the set maximum of the device to a 0-100 output.
    For example: I set my encoders to 0-255 hires to use with DMX and the faders to 0-16383 in order to have as much detail as possible with video effects.

    It also has a function to immediately send the input to the motorized fader or only when the send is triggered.
    Most of the time I combine this function with a multi blocker and a user actor called 'value change gate' (only sends a value when it has changed: comes in handy when using global values and java actors) 

    (I'm sorry it is not commented and a bit messy)
    Control Watcher ++.iua

    Value change gate.iua

    Sometimes I think I'm making things too difficult, so if there are better ways of doing this, I'm happy to hear it.

    Groeten Gertjan

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    Thanks for sharing!