Keyframe system

  • For a long time i was looking for an easy way to make a keyframe system that can be changed is easely and live. Like an envelope generator but not with time but with a 0-100 input from midi or DMX for example.

    Some time ago I had a eureka moment. And found an easy system.

    You give a time  and a value to a keyframe. When you run the time input it will go from keyframe to keyframe. (with or without curve)

    It is a system that consists of two kinds of actors. 

    • a "Keyframe reader" actor that interprets all the data and gives an output.
    • and "Keyframe sender" actors, each of these actors is one keyframe you can add as many as you like

    I think my Javascript actor can be a lot more efficient but it works.

    With this system you can put keyframes over time. 

    It's also possible to combine multiple keyframes groups to share the same time but different values for example.

    All the possibilities are listed in the file below.

    Keyframe actor.izz

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    Thanks for sharing! I will give this a go for sure. 

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    Interesting use of Matrix Value actors.

    I added a shape and text draw actor to your example (helps me make sense of it) and it looks like it works rather nicely.
    Might be nice to extend the KeyFrame senders with the curve state, and add a few curve options, or not. Its pretty cool as is!

    Maybe a Keyframe Display actor, that draws to the stage something like the graph you included.. :)

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    @DusX said:

    Maybe a Keyframe Display actor, that draws to the stage something like the graph you included..

     Yeah that would be good.

  • The display actor is a great idea, this is a quick option:

    Keyframe actor.izz

    I also experimented with curved in an out per keyframe. it's possible to make a third matrix that works in blocks of 4 value's. But what i don't like is that you can't see the curve. 

    Coming soon.

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    Great work... I can imagine myself using this ☺

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