• Hi ! There's one thing a can't achieve. I would like to have a frame, done with an issy map and I want the picture inside that frame being scaled within the frame, without expanding the frame.

    How to do this ?


  • try to publish the corners of the picture in projector actor, then use this input to scale it

  • I'll try, thanks

  • Actually, publishing points within Izzymap will not work. At the moment you can only publish points on the Output of the map. (it looks like it is possible to publish the Scale All of the Input map by right-clicking on the scale symbol in the input window, but this publishes the Scale of the Output map) - hopefully, at some point in the future, it will be possible to publish data for the Input map as well.

    Is this already on the feature horizon? (@DusX, @mark, @etc?)

    A simple solution to achieve the effect you are looking for is to create the frame in Izzymap, but add a Zoomer Actor before the Projector.