Control various projector with one dmx controlled slider

  • Hi ! I would like to control the intensity off various projectors in multiple scenes at once with a dmx fader. I've create a slider who is controlled by my dmx controller (both are ID 1). If I assign ID 1 to the intensity of my projector nothing appends. Is that normal ? How to achieve this ?

    Thank you for your help !

  • can you share the patch?

  • Here is a patch reproducing what a want to do. The slider react with my DMX slider. If I move the slider with the mouse, it change the intensity, but if I move it with my DMX controller it move but it doesn't change the intensity.


  • that beacause you must also connect the control watcher to intensity

  • Yes, but this is that I would like to avoid. Because I have various scenes with a lot of projector and that I would like to do is to have my slider to pilot all of my projectors at once without connecting all of theme with a red wire. I don't know if it's possible

  • yes is possible, you must use two actors called set global value and get global value. they share values across scenes and so on, then connect projectors to them.

    global values slider.izz

  • Oups ! I still use Izz 2.2.2. Oddly the 2.5.1 deosn't work well with my MBP. Is it possible for you to save it for 2.2.2 ? 

  • global values slider 2.0.izz

    this second version is better, it have a scene called controls that is activated at first, then you can jump between scenes and intensity stay at same level in every scenes

  • @hatfab no I can't, upgrade isadora if you can. 2.5 is much better. I can try to make a sceenshot if you need.

    P.S.: global values are also inside 2.2.2? i'm not sure

  • here some screenshots

  • Yes thank you, I understand, but finally it's the same way than copy my control watcher in all scenes connected to my projector. 

  • nope, if you jump from a scene to another the intensity value of newer scene in not the same of your control, with my patch this doesn't happen. BTW i suggest you to try booth way to learn how program Isadora for your needs

  • Yes you're right. And it's more simple to deal with. Only one control watcher, if I need to change my DMX slider or whatever it's easier. Thank for your help !

  • 👍you are welcome


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