• I have recently purchased a macbook pro  retina and have had now 3 returns with faulty machines (dead pixels on all of them a very common problem if you check the apple forums so if you have one check it, you can see most easily when the machine is waking from sleep).

    I am in the middle of a show and each time I have had to register Isadora on every machine. Troika have been helpful with me so far and once reset my user numbers (I also sold a machine that had a licence on it). I have used up my registrations very fast. I feel a little awkward asking again to have my count reset once my next replacement comes (and I dont have that much faith that it will not happen again. I do not want the USB key version as that is quite inconvenient ( I need all my USB ports).
    MadMapper also has an online registration but it also lets you de-register a machine (it comes as a licence for 2 machines). This would be great for Isadora, not that it happens that often but it means I could have a portable permission if I rent a rig to use and then give it back to the owners.
  • Beta Tester

    I also really like the MadMapper license system.

  • Yes, garagecube has been using this system for years with Modul8. To be honest it is the most friendly licensing system I ever seen. There is a possibility to deactivate all your computers if you have a HD or logic board failure and can not start the activated copy any more.

    If this could be implemented with Isadora....! I love the idea. For me the USB version is not a good option either. I would be terribly stressed to misplace the dongle. So if we had this system I could save the changes I make on self running machine on the site(gallery) without tedious workaround using my licensed copy on my MBP and transferring the files.
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    Same with Ableton actually.

  • Dear All,

    Well, this sounds like something that needs to be revisited. The thing is, I just couldn't figure out a scheme to do this so that the activated registration couldn't be put back into place. I put my thinking cap on for this... and see what I can come up with.
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