Using the naming system from the Set/Get Global Values actors for Control IDs and Broadcaster/Listener Actors

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    I promise that I'm not just crazy. I know that Control IDs and Broadcaster/Listener Channels literally have 999 identifiers/channel options to choose from. However, I'm not concerned with the quantity of options. Increasing that number to 9999 wouldn't solve what I'm after. I want to be able to make UNIQUE IDs/Channels, just like you can with the Set/Get Global Values actors.

    Here is an example photo of the Set/Get Global values actors:

    I LOVE system of having the "channel" be identified with a custom text label rather than a number. The reason for this because you can port systems you build with these actors from one patch to another without worrying about conflicting "channel" identifiers. 

    Implementing this same naming system for Control IDs and Broadcaster/Listener actor channels would be insanely helpful.

    Situation 1: You make a User Actor that uses Set/Get Global Values actors.

    - This User Actor can basically be ported to any Isadora Patch without any conflicts or issues in terms of "channel" your Set/Get Global Values actors are communicating on.

    Outcome: Massive flexibility and indescribable glee

    Situation 2: You make a User Actor that uses Control IDs and Broadcaster and Listener actors inside of it and have a matching Control Panel.

    -You cannot port this User Actor and Control Panel to any other Isadora Patch without the potential for Control ID or Broadcaster/Listener Channel conflict issues.

    - ex. In order to use the User Actor, you need to make sure that you haven't used Control IDS 1-20 or Broadcaster/Listener Channels 1-15 in the Patch you're moving it into.

    Outcome: Large potential for conflicts and spending time weeding out said conflicts

    Situation 3:  (If Control IDs and Broadcaster/Listener Channels used the same system)
    You make a User Actor that uses Control IDs and/or Broadcaster/Listener actors and/or Set/Get Global Values actors and make a matching Control Panel.

    - This User Actor can basically be ported to any Isadora Patch without any conflicts or issues in terms of "communication channels".

    -Note: You could name three control IDs and/or Broadcaster/Listener Channels "Hi" "Mid" and "Low" instead of 123, thereby allowing you to port the Control Panel and actors, Macros, and User Actors (with the control IDs set) to other patches without conflicting control IDS or Broadcaster/Listener Channels.

    Outcome: Mark gets a Nobel prize, or at the very least, my undying gratitude (although he has that already.)


    I'd love the ability to make Control IDs and Broadcaster Channels labels instead of numbers, basically making Control IDS and Broadcaster Channels work like the naming function for Set and Get Global Values actors.

    Does this sound useful to anybody else? Anybody have anything to add?

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  • @Woland The get and set global values were the answer to this exact request some years ago. Is there a reason you cannot just use them instead?

  • global values are a bit different than listener and broadcaster, i.e. they don't send video so some time I also use a mix of this two category. 

    My dream is a sum of them in a sort of super sender-listener able to be identified by name (and may be with a full list of variables in a separate windows like OSC) and able to send-listen every type of variables (may be also through TCP)

    p.s. To send video through scenes actualy i use spout

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    Addressing this is on our list. 
    If I am going to transmit video, I make the channel setable from the outside of the user actor.. If I use more than one channel I set a range.
    I have run out of channels in the past :/   but that was an extreme case. Still its not idea, and to truly allows the sharing of User Actors we need to address this.